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DJ Selvidge was born in Tawas City, Michigan as a child of a Coast Guard family. After ten years in the U.S. Air Force, she settled in Wichita, Kansas where she and her husband were foster parents for the state for a period of five years. Following the placement of forty different children into her home, DJ wrote her first novel, "A Sibling Group of Three," depicting what life in a Kansas foster home is like.  She has written many other works since.

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Books by DJ Selvidge
Marie and Edward Worthington are typical empty-nesters. They hold down normal jobs during the day and come home to a peaceful house at night… that is, until they decide they miss the kids and become foster parents for the state.  After a grueling six-month process, they finally have their residential license and receive their first foster care placement, a sibling group of three.
It is a journey where both the characters and the reader emerge more knowledgeable about the realities of the bureaucratic foster care system and how it functions in our society.
The United States is home to a diverse group of people from all over the world bringing with them cultures and traditions that have been practiced for centuries. Over time, these practices have evolved from their original intent yet they still continue to be practiced years later. DJ Selvidge has researched some of the most common traditions practiced in the United States today to find their origins. The result is a not only interesting and educational compilation of essays but a sometimes hilarious reading experience that one simply can't put down. Join us as we travel back in time, all over the world, to various cultures and times to discover why we do so many of the things we do. You won't believe what you read!
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